This is a Kingdom ruled by an iron-fist dictator. They citizens revere Dwarven supremacy, driven by a Manifest Destiny, whereupon they believe they are the destined to rule the continent of Lumiène. They are known for their fearsome war machines and efficiency, most notably the workings of their Banahogg, a massive ballista like siege engine.

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Askanders harbour great hatred towards the Shohamites. Eons past, the Shohamites held immeasurable wealth within the confines of their religious walls. They spread to different countries often promoting themselves to higher status due to their wealth and power. In Askand however, this was highly frowned upon. Since then, the Mad King Torvald had waged war against the Shohamites by cleansing their lands of their existence.

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The demographics of Askand consists primarily of dwarves and a few creatures of other races (for slave labour). Most of these slaves are those who were captured during the Great War, most notably the humans and halflings from Shoham, and are used to mine deep inside the coastal mountains surrounding the north-eastern sides of Askand.

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