The neutral nation known throughout history to be home to those seeking political refuge…for the right price. They are a nation that is surrounded by natural defenses such as the southern mountains that protect the country from Moisia, Shoham, Valence, the north river of Vatten that protects the country from Oswaland, and the eastern lakes that separate from Sefir.

SIGIL: Turtle with mountains on its back and river on its feet.

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It is said that the most simplie minded Braean knows at least 3 languages, and the average Braean knows 5.

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Though they are a neutral nation, they make significant contributions to the continent by producing great works of literature such as The Owlbear, written by the famous Braean centaur author, Trot-scy. Due to their geography, their culture and language is a mélange of Valence, Sefir and Oswaland.

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