A Primer to Gumpball

by Maxence Godefroy Dufresne


Since a.200, gumpball has been a popular pastime and sport among the orcs and goblins of the Moisian Plains (which are in fact not plains but marshes). The sport originated from the ancient sport of orcish handball but its earliest depiction in its current form was from a crude wooden toy set found in the ruins of an abandoned Moisian city. Gumpball is unique because it is one of the only sports, if not the only sport, in which the racial segregation of player roles is key to its gameplay. The fact of the matter is, if you want to study yrchological (especially orcish and goblin) culture then you must thoroughly understand gumpball.


Gumpball is a team sport played between two teams and a neutral gumpy and overseen by five impartial gumpires (see Participants for details). The gumpy sits in the nest on top of the totem and is responsible for starting rounds by releasing the gumpball. The players take an arm on the totem in pairs with opposing teams on opposing arms. The most senior gumpire (usually determined by experience or age) then blows the ceremonial horn to signal the first round of a gumpball match. Subsequent rounds are announced by each gumpire playing the ceremonial horn in descending order of seniority until all five gumpires have blown the horn. At the sound of the horn, the players will push the arms in order to turn the totem, including the nest on top, as quickly as possible. As the nest spins, the gumpy may release the gumpball at their own discretion but must take into account to be as impartial as possible least they are accused of showing bias. If they are accused of doing so, the team(s) may submit a vote to the gumpires who will then decide if a new gumpy should be brought in.

Once the gumpball is released, the two teams must then try to chase after the ball. Players may use force to gain control of the ball from the opposing team but excessive force and blatant attacks are frowned upon (but not necessarily banned). Once a player has control of the gumpball they may try to shoot it through several holes in the totem. They may throw, kick, or use any other body part to put it through but they may not touch any part of the totem to do so or else the goal is invalid. A round is finished when a team scores. A gumpball match always lasts five rounds even in the case of a tie (as there are five gumpires). In the case of a tie, the five gumpires will decide based on a combination of audience reaction as well as the teams’ performances on a winner.


Each team consists of 4 players.




Score is counted in bones. 13 bones make one basket.