Magics is the colloquial term for magimatics.

Magics comes from magicite/Energy comes from radioactive ores like Uranium, Radium, Thorium

Magicka emits magical residue/Uranium emits radiation.

Magical residue is harmful but if you can acclimate to it, you can harness it with few effects./Radiation is, you can't acclimate unless you are a biological freak.

You can harness your magicka (which you get through radiation) in order to open a portal to the aether. Those with huge levels of magicka can rip open a gigantic gaping hole to the aether and draw out incredibly powerful spells. Those with small levels of magicka can finger a tiny little hole to the aether and draw out little streams of spells. Though that doesn't necesarily mean control.

^If you don't get that, think of it like this.

Magicite --> magicka exposure (you) --> you get magicka --> greater the magicka, bigger the hole --> bigger the hole, bigger the spell

Sorcerers are basically people who have been exposed to uncontrolled levels of magicka from birth.

Wizards are basically people who have decided to undergo exposure in controlled levels to increase their magical capabilities (can also be people who were exposed from birth who decide later to undergo further controlled exposure)

Common effects of magicka poisoning (something almost all magic-users share) includes

  • wizard vision: common, astral planes set on this timeline blend into your vision
  • aural bleeding: common, hearing a random assortment of sounds (5 seconds) from anywhere in the world at any given point: what was, is, and will be.
  • astral division: uncommon, the irradiated will share a portion of their mind with a being from the astral plane

Animals can be affected by this too. Drakes affected by magicka become dragons. Etc.