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Stellaria is the capital city of Sefir. It is located near the southern coast of Sefir and as such, enjoys temperate climates and mild seasons. Due to the location of Stellaria, they are mostly frequented by the Valencians, amongst the other countries. Stellaria is a bustling city of trade and commerce, renown for their vast open-air markets where it is rumored one can find anything, for a price. As the saying goes, Stellaria is the city that shines in the night, the city that never sleeps, hence the root for the name being "star".

The city is also home to the Northern chapter of Fortuna, found in the eastern part of the city next to the Merchant's guild, whilst the temple of Sol is located off to the center of the city, next to the Palace of the King. Visually, the most remarkable feature of Stellaria is the multi-level wooden buildings that are marked by sobriety and restraint, due to the heavy influence of Sef culture and mannerism that are reflected in most aspects of their life. The paths between houses are just wide enough for two carriages to move side by side and the tracks are deeply ingrained into the dirt.

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Jannis' Deep is a remote city ruled by Duke Jannis, found in north central part of Sefir. As the name suggests, the city is situated in the famous valleys of Jannisdeep. The valleys act as a natural barrier to the frigid conditions that exist to the north of this area. The city also stands as a natural land bridge, connecting the kingdom of Sefir to the Forn. As such, and reflecting the mercantile nature of the Sef people, the city is a bustle of trade and is heavily influenced by its exposure to Forn culture.

The people of Jannis' Deep are said to be extremely eccentric. Furthermore, due to their culture of "homogeneity", the people of Jannis' Deep are said to bear a resemblance to one another, albeit physically. It is said that this is attributed to two reasons: the first being that the blood of a Deeper runs strong, the second being that there is an overwhelming issue of inbreeding within the city of Jannis' Deep. In order to combat the issue of conformity, Lord Jannis' emphasizes the idea of individuality and to express each individual's identity through their fashion.

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This town is home to the Kingdom's most valuable export, the timber trade. Home to the preparation of timber and various master craftsmen of the woodworking trade, Sefir heavily relies on their goods to help construct the many projects that this nation relies on. Timberton is ruled under Marquis Berton with various Earls under his reign (some of which include Earl Grey, Cidar, and Kaf)

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This fortification is the nation of Sefir's first line of defence against the Askands. As such, the town is home to the legendary defense battalion, The Banshees. The Banshee battalion is famous for the giant horns, operated by bardic warriors, that emit a sonic wave to discombobulate Askand intruders. The Lord of Alfmahn, is Marquis Daenis. Reknown in the regions surrounding the country, Marquis Daenis is said to be one of the great skalds of the century.

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St. Helena is home to the temple of St. Helena, a subsect of the Northern sect of the One True God. It is situated at the tip of Martyr's Bay. The name comes from the fact that the town is the birthplace of St. Helena. Currently ruled by Duke Hakon, the city is a major port responsible for most of the interactions with the Eastern countries. Due to the nature of interpretations of St. Helena, the missionaries of St. Helena make frequent voyages to the Eastern countries for the purpose of establishing ties and spreading the word of Sol. The King of Sefir has recently pushed the Duke Hakon to supply the missionaries with goods and supplies in union with the local merchants in order to establish more ties with the Eastern countries.

Due to the frequent trips to the East, it is common to find Eastern goods in the city of St. Helena and have a few Easterners living in the City.

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The city is built upon the center of the location upon which St. Helena fell.

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Hallow's Eve is a festival that falls on the last day of October where the folks of Timberton celebrate zealously. They often hold elaborate festivals for the sake of the Pumpkin King. The love of Hallow's Eve is reflective on the architctural style and the type of fashion that the citizens enjoy.

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