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This remote island is located off the northern coast of Askand. This desolate land is home to a hardy and bitter community of people who live within the rocky crags of its cliffs. Despite being excellent seafarers, they are bound to their island and prevented from sailing beyond the measures of sustenance for fishing.

Though the land belongs to Askand, they were once an independent nation. Legend has it that eons ago, Oswaland had invaded Askand, forcing the ancient king to live in exile. The king decided to live on the island of Vagrand. It was from there that the king and his people rebuilt the great naval fleet and recaptured Askand. Once Askand was reclaimed, the king moved back to the capital. His men, however, decided to stay behind with the community they had built. It was through the loyalty of the islanders that the king succeeded and thus the king granted the island independence.

However since the reign of King Ingvar, the island has been reclaimed by Askand and they are left unrecognized as a nation. The king grew unpopular with the people of Askand and the people of Vagrand. In fear he set measures to prevent the Vagrands from rising up against him and has detained their warships and galleys. The once great warriors of Vagrand are now left to live off the waters on nothing more than fishing boats.

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